Scrap Store

Our Community Scrap Store is all about finding trash from local businesses and turning it into treasure. What we sell varies from day-to-day but includes everything from buttons to knitting patterns, hessian sacks to garden twine and ribbons to cardboard boxes.

If you enjoy crafting, our scrap store is well worth a visit. We sell reusable materials that have been donated to the Cone Exchange and the money raised supports our community projects and charity partners. Waste that we have can be swapped with other scrap stores around the country so there is always an interesting mix of materials : –  fabric off-cuts, paper from a local printers, military braiding, buckets and plastic tubs to name but a few!

All proceeds from our shop sales are donated to local social enterprises, including Horticap and Jenny Ruth Workshops as well as Bettys & Taylors Trees for Life project, which supports tree planting and tree preservation in Yorkshire and in tea and coffee growing countries, celebrating our passion for the planet.