Who We Work With… Jennyruth Workshops

At the Cone Exchange, we work we with a number of different charities and groups in our local communities. We’ve been working in partnership with some of these charities for years, and some much more recently, thanks Covid-19. This ‘Who We Work With’ mini-series is to help you learn a little bit about who we help and what they do, even if that just means spreading the word a little bit further.

This week we’re focusing on Jennyruth Workshops, a charity offering support and work experience to adults with learning disabilities in Ripon and the surrounding areas.

Jennyruth’s aim is ‘to bring self-awareness, pride, dignity and self-confidence to the workers to help develop their potential for participation and employment in the community.’ Predominantly funded through active donations, social services funding, grants and donations, Jennyruth aims to help adults with learning disabilities to gain independence and life skills. They use practical skills, including woodwork, painting and needlework, to make quality gifts and products, and also gain all important life-based skills such as numeracy, literacy and communication training. These lessons are invaluable, as they enable the workers to meet new people, gain the ability to socialise and learn how to deal with money and manage time.

Ryan working from home

Covid-19 has undoubtedly created issues for charities across the country, including at Jennyruth. Anna Smith, from the charity, says: “Despite all the challenges faced in the last 12 months, our Jennyruth family continues to thrive. Our workers have been amazing throughout, painting and working on products from home and taking part in daily zoom sessions.”

Annie collecting work

Where does the Cone Exchange come in?

At the Cone Exchange we have a scrap store, which, as well as selling materials from local businesses and cards and crafting packs made by our volunteers, has a fabric room which sells offcuts for people to buy and turn our trash into  treasure.

Sarah Wells, Community Manager for Bettys & Taylors Group, says: “Jennyruth is such a great charity, and it’s fantastic that the Cone Exchange can help them out. In the past we have helped one another with materials and shared stalls, and currently [pre-Corona] the proceeds from the sales of fabric from our fabric room goes to Jennyruth.”

If you’d like to read more about Jennyruth Workshops you can visit website here.


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