Changes to our Donations



We love your donations and could not operate without them. However, there are now certain items that sadly we are no longer able to accept.
We appreciate this is a change to how we have worked in the past and may feel disappointing however there are some items that we cannot pass onto other charities and we do not have the space to process safely.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or would like to check what you are donating.

YES PLEASE!                                                 

  • All craft materials                                                                  
  • Storage tubs / boxes                                 
  • Fabric incl. scraps                                     
  • Wool incl. scraps                                       
  • Art supplies                                                
  • Beads & buttons                                        
  • Paper/card & related craft materials           
  • Fabric & wallpaper sample books         


x Curtains/blinds 

x Electrical items

x Household goods

x Cookware

x Glassware

x Videos/CDs/tapes

x Printer cartridges     

Paintings, prints & mirrors

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